Happy anniversary…to me!

Bus Ride

It is 30 years ago this very month that I moved to New York City.
while my roots will always be in Scranton, PA-and a big part of my heart- I clearly grew and spread my wings in Manhattan.
So “Thank You”, New York City for this wonderful,wild ride and being such a great big, fun, wicked, exciting, expensive, challenging, seductive, turbo-charged, fascinating, inspiring, creative,nurturing, aggravating, magnificent,
Hopeful, beautiful and magical Teacher.

And thank you, Frank Martz, for all the buds rides.

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How Do You Get to Broadway?


How do you get to Broadway?

Well, if you’re Dan Conway, theatrical set designer ( and college professor)you are very talented, hard working, and maybe even a dash driven. And then, you get a lucky break.

Fate steps in, and sets things in motion.

Last Sunday night, on Broadway, Dan’s show PENN AND TELLER ON BROADWAY opened. And I must add, according to today’s papers, to some very nice reviews.


I’m not here today to tell you about P&T, but rather the big headline of Dan Conway, boy from Scranton PA, and Washington DC past 25 years, and the amazing fact that he had a dream, realized, and had his beautiful work appear in a Broadway Show.

Bravo! Well deserve.

I was fortunate to be invited to a preview last Tuesday. The show is terrific! The sets showcase the P&T act, now in their 40th year together perfectly.

As a fellow Boy From Scranton, with a fairly similar story, ( move to New York City to pursue my dream/ passion of being a songwriter) I am so inspired by what has happened for Dan.

I am so happy for him. And proud of him.

No, I haven’t had my music in a Broadway show….(Well, off- off -Broadway, in several productions circa late 80’s, early 90’s), but I identify, and get fueled by Dan’s success – his success keeps me going. Keeps me writing, recording, working on yet another CD. Pushing that big rock up that Artistic Mount Everest.

So, thank you Dan.

And Thank you for sitting me in a theater seat, as a “plant” ..unbeknownst to me, and being a very funny part of one of P&T’s bits!

And oh, I should mention, Dan and I have been cherished, fun, funny, irreverent, loyal, supportive, partners in crime type of friends since high school.

And that’s No illusion.

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wpid-0622151609.jpgIn New York City for a few days working with producer Dean Bailin on new material.
Why would two men,  with combined music experience of nearly a hundred years, spend several hours trying to recreate one single note for a mere 45 seconds on a song?
why because it just had to be that way, Damn it!
God- and the devil- in the details!

And oh about those sunglasses in the studio?
Just trying to harness my inner Beatles Rubber Soul energy!

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