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Jack of Hearts

Title : Jack of Hearts
Release Date : June 26, 2010

Produced by Dean Bailin at Four Cats Studio, New York City
All songs composed by Jack Woodbridge
Arrangements by Dean Bailin and Jack Woodbridge
Dean Bailin: Orchestrations, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Digital Programming & Sound Design
Marieann Meringolo: Vocals on Send Me
Rob Paparozzi: Harmonica on My Friend
Monique Paulwell: Vocals on Love You and Broken
Sweet Sue Terry: Sax on Love You
Jack Woodbridge: Piano, Lead Vocals
Jessica Meoni: Graphic Design
John Quilty: Front Cover Photo
Ed Osborne: Back Cover Photo
Jack of Hearts on his floating piano
Jack Woodbridge: Concept & Clouds
John Quilty: Piano Shot
Jessica Meoni: Design

Special thanks to Brian Maloney: The original ace of hearts, Dean Bailin: once again, my wizard of ahh’s, all my friends & family, the amazing team at nih, Bethesda, MD, Bill Fowkes, Maureen Duffy, Joel Gold, Jim Stewert, Flavio Alves, Robert Cohen, Dennis Mack, Wade Tonken, John Quilty, Ed Osborne, Jim Langan, Alex Keller, Jessica Meoni, L. J. & A, Brian Anderson: Peace be with you to all who participated in this labor of love, I am forever grateful this album is dedicated with love to Joan Kenney Woodbridge thank you for your love, faith, support, and sense of humor my whole life.

All songs copyright J. Woodbridge 2010 | Woodsman music (ascap) All rights Reserved. Please do not Duplicate. Manufactured by Oasis.

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