“Starting in my childhood and throughout much of my life, I’ve had a love affair with music and the graphic arts. But, like competing lovers, the piano and the paintbrush were always vying for my attention. Small wonder then that many of my songs paint pictures.Please consider “Picture This” your invitation to see- and hear- grand pianos, golden sunsets, soft and starry nights, ferris wheels and crocodiles, a boat ride down a river, a train to a melancholy moon, a lover in paris, a heart in prison, a world on fire, the blues, and anything else you might conjure up with a blank sheet of paper and a big box of crayons.Thank you for listening and imagining.”

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Picture This

Title : Picture This
Release Date : January 30, 2006

Jack Woodbridge – Piano, Vocals
Dean Bailin- Electric and Acoustic Guitars, midi-sequencing, arrangements
Sweet Sue Terry- Alto Sax on Next To You and Bring Back The Blues
Arnie Wise- Drums on Welcome to The Best Night, World on Fire and I Was Busy
Ellen Bullinger- Backing Vocals on I Was Busy and World On Fire
Wade Tonken- 2nd Acoustic Guitar on Quite Like You
Producer- Dean Bailin
Recording and Mixing-Dean and Jack
Mastering and engineering – Dean Bailin at Four Cats Studio NYC
Photography- John Quilty
Design- Michele Damato
Producers- Jack Woodbridge in association with Kevin J. Corcoran
Additional recordings done in NYC at Noize Factory/Wade Tonken The Smooth Spot/ Michael Walsh

Dean, you are my very own Wizard of Ah’s. Thank you!
Kevin Corcoran, I could not have completed this project without you. Thank you for believing in me all these years. I am proud to call you my friend. Much love, don’tcha know!
Special thanks and love to Bill Fowkes.
To my brothers and sister and their families, you have been with me and for me…forever. I love and thank you all.
To my friends, you have helped me to keep pursuing my dreams in more ways than I can ever mention of you could ever possibly know. I am filled with gratitude and love. Guardian Angels, all of you.
This album is dedicated to my mom, Joan, for her constant support, strength, faith, sense of humor, and love…
And to my dad, who had the vision, wisdom, and love to know that when your son would rather play piano than play baseball…you buy him a piano.
Thank you to L. J. and A!

© Jack Woodbridge Music 2017.